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Panorama Internacional 3






The Uninvited - Laura Focarazzo

2015 I Argentina I 3’34’’ I Black & White I Digital

"The Uninvited" places the viewer in front of an anonymous, elusive face, a distorted representation of some of the ghosts that inhabit our unconscious. An observer / observed that sits in a state halfway between the real and the imagined, between remembering and forgetting, between life and death. This work invites viewers to immerse themselves in an abstract world, built by the only possible tool to shape the distortion.

The Uninvited is an abstract work made in collaboration with the sound artist Darren McClure who made the sound art based on my own field recordings.


























METAMOR(PH)- Eleonora Manca

2015 I Italy I 4’11’’ I b/w I stereo I 16:9 I HD

"We are born, so to speak, provisionally, it doesn't matter where. It is only gradually that we compose within ourselves our true place of origin so that we may be born there retrospectively and each day more definitely."

(Rainer Maria Rilke)





















On being an Angel - Monika K. Adler

2014 | United Kingdom | 6’09’’ | Black and White | Stereo | 16:9 | HD

January 19, 1981, Francesca Woodman committed suicide by jumping out a loft window in New York. She invites us to see her suicide, like she used to invite us to see her art. Poised between two worlds she presents an image of the liberated psyche in flight.



























[ INSIDE ] - [ RED BIND - Gilivanka KEDZIOR & Barbara FRIEDMAN ]

2013 | France | 2’46’’ | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD

"This is a story about skin, light and breath. 

This is a story without word(s). 

(This is) the line between flesh and universe.

Between you and me."





























The Road to Kalmar - Margaret Rorison

2015 | USA, SWEDEN | 7min | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | 16mm to Digital

This piece is an ode to Anna Karlson, who was born in Kalmar, Sweden and immigrated to North America in 1909 to start a new life. She was born to a family of poor farmers, many of whom died early on. Anna moved to the United States by herself when she was 19 years old. The footage was shot in Kalmar, Sweden by her great granddaughter, Margaret Rorison 94 years after Anna left her homeland. The footnotes of text are taken from recorded childhood memories of her grandchildren, Debbie and Pamela. Soundtrack by Josh Millrod.




























De Dentro para Fora - Livia Sá

2015 | Brazil/USA | 8mins and 50 secs | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD

This is a project that documents the major cause of my monthly pain: my menstruation. Through this project, I try to transform my pain into art while dealing with empowerment and frustration. It started in 2011 and it's still in development as I continue to closely document the fascinating changes that occur in my body and how it reacts to different circumstances and treatments. I document my menstruation through images and sounds from my own body before, during and after my menstruation. The project aims to increase the awareness towards the beauties and complexities of a monthly cycle that most women go through. It also manifests that the flow of my menstruation should be smoothly coming out from "the inside of my body, out," in addition to  a natural dialogue that should happen from the inside of women's body to the outside world.





























M Λ Ƭ Ʋ L L Λ  - Sonia Laura

2015 | Italy| 2’07”| b/w - color | stereo | 16:9 | HD

The audio samples of the music I’ve made a while ago are taken from Theo van Gogh's latest short movie  “Submission”, containing monologues of the characters who actually have been abused in various way. Theo Van Gogh  was the descendant of the brother of the famous painter  Vincent van Gogh, also Theo, and was murdered after he  made the movie, which infact deals with the theme of 

violence against women.  None of the scenes of the movie are showed in my short  video ‘Matulla’, instead the colors white, black and red  of the ornamental henna on hands evoke the colors of  rotogravure, referring to the fact of chronicle and crime story of the murder of the film maker.

The meaning of the words written in arabic language is:  "The Peace Be Upon You" and the singing voice says: "Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi"


15, 16 e 17.04 - Loop 

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