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Aymberê (2019)


Amid evidence and enigma transit performatic sounds and images seeking to resize a cinematic sensorial experience into the field of experimentation. Aymberê reanimates spectres of a culture of the other in which civilizing acts of fascists, in this critical time in history, attempt to erase. Fire as a vital element against oblivion. The image burns.

Performance with 4xslide projectors  + variable shutter and 2x16mm projectors

Carcará  (2018)


Carcará is a work that presents images of foundfootage (archive) of Brazilian news from the 60s that culminates in the military coup of 64 in 16mm and alternates with images of loops of material found and painted, scratched with scratching and washing techniques in 35mm film And in others of 16mm in addition to films in super 8 made in other moments by the Duo Strangloscope that dialogue with this mosaic of events of a past of Brazil that returns as a ghost, in the current fascist moment.

2 Super 8 projectors + 2 projectors 16mm + 1 projector 35mm.

The sound was made live by the Musician / Performer Rodo Ramos


Vazios Habitados  (2018)

Walden Street


2017  -  VÍDEO

[2 channel - video installation]
Video is the perfect medium for melancholic meditations on the visible and the ephemeral. How to go through good or bad dreams - a solitary journey through a world in which images bring together the imaginary and the marvelous with all their possible combinations. A space in the limits of reality, but that inevitably refers to reality. Nature reconstituted by images?
We do not want to copy nature, we do not want to reproduce, we want to produce as a plant produces a fruit

Monstros Marinhos

monstros marinhos.jpg

2017  -  VÍDEO

instalação Monstros Marinhos video sobre tela transparente flutuante no espaço visível pelos dois lados Imagem de vegetação e água sobre estalactites em caverna - Chapada Diamantina Duo Strangloscope + Rodrigo Ramos + Felipe Vernizzi Bahia 2018

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