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BROKEN TONGUE - Mónica Savirón
2013 | USA | 3' | Color & Black/White | Stereo | 16mm to 16:9 | HD

Broken Tongue is an ode to the freedom of movement, association, and expression. It pays homage to the diaspora of the different waves of migration, and challenges the way we represent our narratives. It is a search for a renewed consciousness, for reinvention, a “what if”, the formal equivalent of asking a question expressed with a broken tongue – or not so broken after all.

Mainly made with images from the January 1st issues of “The New York Times” since its beginning in 1851 to 2013, Broken Tongue is a heartfelt tribute to avant-garde sound performer Tracie Morris and to her poem “Afrika”.






















O bloqueio - Isabel Cordovil 
2015 I PT I 5'32'' I Color I Stereo I 16:9 I HD

Ensaio sobre o fim da Mea Culpa

E215. - Scott Willis
2013 I Scotland I 3'05 I Colour I Stereo I 16:9 HD

E215. is a meditative space where a elderly woman accepts her physical self change. It is a psychological landscape that highlights beauty can be obtained from unlikely places. An optimistic perspective on ageing and a collaboration between young and old.












Pulling Up Roots – Cecelia Condit

“Pulling Up Roots” is the emotional journey of a woman who is navigating the tenuous strain between the past and the future. Filmed in an abandoned housing project in Western Ireland, she uproots exotic plants and flowers, as one might collect stories and memories one can’t understand. Condit’s operatic songs and childlike rhymes give a sense of naiveté and strength that comes from her solitude. From a playful skip around the yard, to a moment where profound sadness gives way to unexpected laughter, she explores an entire lifetime of emotions in mere minutes.

ROOM THOUGHTS - Evelin Stermitz
2014 I Austria/USA I 3'04" I Color I Stereo I 16:9 I HDV 

Thoughts and sound are circulating in a bathroom-door-hallway performative scenario. Visible are doors and a window, white walls, a person in the tableau of cut-out view. The video describes isolation and reflexion, repeated voices, solitude and emptiness, exhaustion. As a performative video it is an adaption and convergence of body to room perspective.

























Anywhere But Here - Shubhangi Singh
2013 | India | 13’35’’ | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD

Anywhere But Here explores the meaning of home while attempting to break away from all romantic nostalgia that nests within it's traditional definitions. In the process, this piece attempts to arrive at new understandings of an abode; in relation with one's own forever-in-transition identity. 










2014 I BRA/FRA/POR I 15’20’’I Color I 16mm

A film-poem of an ecology of signs that speaks of colonial history repeating itself. Subalterns become masters, antiques become reproducible dinner sets, exotic birds become luxury currency, exploration becomes extreme-sport-tourism, monuments become geodata. A spherical voyage eastwards and westwards marking cycles of expansion in a struggle to find one's place, one's sitting around a table.

Vis a Vis - Abigail Child
2013 I USA I 24min I B/W I Sound I 16mm Original I Digital Edit

Inspired by Vertov’s Lullaby from the 30s, as well as by Warhol’s 60s Screen Test portraits and Frampton’s Manual of Arms from the same period—vis à vis is a homage to these divergent pasts: ironic, composed of outtakes, portraits ultimately of friends and colleagues. Also a testament to 16mm black and white celluloid and differing sexualities, seductions and (d)alliances.













"To-day at last we know: John Brown was right." -W.E.B. Du Bois. This film is an experimental essay in three movements that explores the importance of being more than an "ally" in struggle, by sharing histories of committed accomplices John Brown, Marilyn Buck, and others. The film also delves into the history of the landscape and former prairie that was the earth on which Brown's militants trained. In the face of exploitation of people and destruction of land, radical struggle cultivates new life.



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